At RAAS, it is our mission to help e-commerce companies to increase revenue on mobile devices by optimizing their online stores. At the same time, we love to share the success stories of some of the firms who have done kickass work in the same segment and helped their e-commerce clients grow business by leaps and bound.

One such firm is ElectricPlup, a full service interactive firm with a formidable list of clients like Google, Ford, Nissan to name a few. ElectricPlup decided to test whether Responsive e-commerce store would outperform non-mobile-optimized ecommerce store. As more and more online shoppers are using mobile devices to shop online, it was imperative to understand how much positive change in conversion responsive design can bring.

EP ran the test with one of their clients, O’Neill clothing for 3 weeks to observe the changes after they deployed the responsive design. They compared the data with the stats they had before they deployed responsive design.

And the results were phenomenal:


CONVERSIONS: + 65.71% up
TRANSACTIONS: + 112.50% up
REVENUE: + 101.25% up


CONVERSIONS: + 407.32% up
TRANSACTIONS: + 333.33% up
REVENUE: + 591.42% up

The stats indicate that O’Neill Clothing saw revenue go up by 101% from the customers who visited the store on iPhone. In case of Android it was staggering 591%. 

This test clearly signifies that it is only obvious to go for a responsive design which is optimized for mobile devices to increase revenue over mobile devices.

You can go through the entire test details here on Electric Pulp’s blog.

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